Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrate You Today

I don't like chaos
Or messes in my house
I thrive during times of change
I'm cranky when I'm tired
I'm sometimes independent
But have no qualms in saying I often lean on my husband for strength.
I don't always take criticism well
I sometimes think things are personal when they're not.
I get frustrated when I see my own flaws represented in others
I control things
I live with my heart
I need lists to remember even three things to do.
I sometimes live for tomorrow and not for today
I don't always see things through to the end.

These are my flaws.
These are my forever chances to grow.
These things are part of who I am.
Today instead of putting pressure on myself to be a better me. I am going to embrace everything about me and celebrate it all. They are what make me who I am after all...

Celebrate yourself today. You deserve it. Because you are amazing.

BPositive and BFree!


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