Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Beautiful Thing: Day 12

People are so beautiful.

I love days when I can feel truly affected by others.

Is it my outlook for the day?
Are people offering something extra special?
It's there a sync in the universe allowing us all to connect perfectly?

Yesterday I met C. Last minute I decided to get a sandwich from my favorite vegan restaurant after teaching a knitting class. I was in a hurry, excited to meet up with A at the coffee shop (we cherish our weekends together.) As soon as walked in to pick up my food, C was beaming at me.

In the 20 minutes we spent together, we talked about marriage, relationships, love, beautiful smiles, free spirits, life without wearing shoes, traveling the world and writing books.

I can't help but be affected by her beautiful spirit and feel as though my beauty shone through in our exchange.

Everyday I meet strangers. Everyday I say hi to people I pass by. Everyday I connect with people I already love and care about.

So what made yesterday different? Was is C? Was it me?

Something she said resonated with me. I can't remember her exact words. But she mentioned the smile I had when I greeted her at the door. The smile invited her to reciprocate and welcomed a moment to be present together at the restaurant's bar.

Sometimes we need to remember to widen our smiles, inviting what is always right in front of us....

....connections with beautiful, insightful and life changing individuals.

Have you connected with anyone lately that's affected your life in a beautiful way? Give em' your best smile!

BPositive and BFree!


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