Sunday, February 12, 2012

Living and Loving

  by springknitter
, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

As I sat in my Grammy and poppy's motor home something occurred to me. I was in the presence of a couple. A married couple who have lived life together for almost 56 years. As we talked about the dogs they've owned, the parties theyd thrown, the children they raised and the bumps in the road along the way, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness for this relationship with these wonderful people. Yes, they're my grandparents but they're people. They're people who once sat in my seat, 26 years old and setting out into the world of marriage, family and adventure. And my grandparents really live each moment. I can see them as young people making their choices and learning as they go. I can see the years of laughter in the wrinkles near their eyes. I can feel the years of dancing together in their seemingly everlasting agility. I was truly in the presence of love and living tonight. How lucky I feel to have that to learn from. This post is dedicated to anyone who wants to keep living and loving every day of their lives Thanks for the lessons Grammy and poppy! Safe travels through the rest of your journey on the road.

BPositie and BFree to Live and Love!



  1. a beautifully written post. thanks Becca :)

  2. See, now you know, I learned from the best! Enjoy every minute! Love you, Mom

  3. I appreciate this post very much x

  4. What a great tribute to your wonderful grandparents!! Well said!!!