Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glove Love

I have been really enjoying this season of knitting. It has been the first time that I have not been afraid to buy yarn and knit up something without a pattern. I design as I go and see where it takes me. There are have been some that I love and others I'm not terribly fond of, but as this season comes to a close I wanted to have a blog with all my favorite glove creations. With support from my husband A, my creative inspiration Miss B and all my close family and friends, I feel as though I have stumbled upon something I really love to do. I've begun to understand how to showcase my work and display it in a way that makes others want what I make! (hard to believe, but yes, I am a first time glove model....) I knit alone, I take pictures alone, but then I get to share my goods with others and that's what makes me happiest of all! Whether it is simply a hobby for the rest of my life or turns into something much larger, I am grateful for this creative start.

The gloves. Fall 2011.

retro gold minis 1 by springknitter

  by springknitter

pinkfrostingonhand by springknitter

  by springknitter



BPositive and BFree to make what you Love!



  1. Those are adorable!! The last 4 are my favorites!


  2. Love the pics and the gloves are awesome!!!
    Thanks for inspiring,