Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's Thought

Get your hands dirty by springknitter
Is there something in your life that you have a passion for?

It's likely not what you do for money and sometimes it's not even what we do on the weekends or in our spare time.

My thought today is to learn about something you love, hands-on, NOW. Start small. Devote yourself to it even just 1 hour a week.

Maybe you offer to barter your labor with an artist to see how they run their studio. Or maybe you submit a short story to a few publications even though they won't pay you right away. Maybe you ask to shadow someone in your dream job by offering your free time to help them with anything they need in exchange for learning what they do. You'd be amazed how many people are willing to share what they do, especially when you're willing to help them out with some of their grunt work.

I personally have a passion for sustainable living. And I love getting my hands dirty. But I had very little knowledge of what it meant to farm your own produce. So on Thursdays I volunteer at a local community garden that supports our local food bank. Of course I love contributing to such a cool cause but it amazes me each time I go, how much I learn about sustainable living and organic gardening. Those three hours, every thursday give me so much knowledge and growth. And my life feels more fulfilling when I'm doing what I love. Who needs money for that?

So how will you get your hands dirty? Dive in and don't be afraid to do what you love for free!

BPositive and BFree to do what you Love!



  1. I work in a garden centre, so I'm constantly trying to encourage people to try and grow their own fruit, veg etc. It's definitely something I've seen grow over the last few years. Not only is it cheaper in these difficult times, but it's so much healthier!

    You have a really lovely blog.

    missanne via check out my blog #4

  2. That's so cool anne! I'm so glad to know another gardener. It's a little new for me but I feel so connected to it. I just planted my own Bok Choy and Basil and some red lettuce and kale are going in next. And maybe some carrots! Thanks for your kind notes on my blog!

  3. Great post. I had been searching for my passion and started a blog. I realized it was writing that I loved to do so I kept writing and writing. I got a job last year writing for Today's Mama and this past week I got hired to be the primary blogger for an online college. It's so true what you wrote. Do something that you love because money isn't everything.

    Anna - swap bot (mynursecoach)

  4. I have so many passions. This month (starting today!) I'm going to get my hands dirty and try NaNoWriMo! Its a online chalenge to write a novel in a month. I always try to write and fail, so I think with a tight schedule I might actually finish one!

  5. This is such a great thought for what I'm going through RIGHT NOW! :) On a whim, I submitted three articles to an online magazine over the weekend. They accepted and published all three...and asked that I send more this week! I was so excited! It's caused me to want to pursue more writing opportunities and I'm already feeling more confident about it all!

    Hope you have a really great week!

    lostinavalon from SwapBot