Thursday, June 23, 2011

make mistakes, learn, and grow!

The past few days I've been allowing myself to be on edge about a lot of things. I haven't been feeling quite like myself and haven't been sleeping very well. Do you ever get really vivid dreams when you're trying to control your life too much? I'm dreaming about all the things that weigh on my mind through out the day. And it's exhausting!

I'm thankful for this realization today. I don't look back at the last few days, angry with my behavior. I look at it as a learning experience. Now I can take a look at my actions and my behaviors and decide if I want to continue to proceed forward with stress and frustration.

I believe with all of my heart that I will feel better if I just go with the flow a little more. I don't want to be frustrated with traffic or bad weather. I don't want to constantly be worrying about if I'm going to win this blog contest. I don't want to be irritable with other people based on their behaviors. That's all reactive! And for some time now I have practice being a person who receives and but does not react.

A person who is peaceful and happy from within knows that she can't change those things. People are who they are. They will do what they will do. And I will love them for that and not be angry. Besides, things have a way of working themselves out when we just relax a little, right?

This is a picture that A took of me while we were on a little exploratory adventure of our new home last weekend. We found a little spot that said "No Trespassing" and of course proceeded through to take some pictures, the rebels that we are. I love this picture. He framed it so perfectly. And to me it just reminds me of how good I feel when I just let go....

DSCN0050 by springknitter

I think there is a reason I am here writing, sharing and always creating. I'm thankful for being reminded of that from time to time. Everyday, A and I share something that we are thankful for with each other. Usually right when we wake up in the morning. I knew I was thankful for this blog, this medium to create and share. This place that is safe and supportive and all my own. But today it's an overwhelming rush of gratitude, and I wanted to share that with you all today. You are wonderful listeners. 

So if you've been acting a little unlike yourself, or your behavior, in your opinion has been less than perfect, don't be to hard on yourself. Just use it as a reminder that we're imperfect sometimes and that's okay. Learn from it and decide what's next. And maybe the next step is as simple as smiling when you wake up, greeting the day with open arms, and saying what you are thankful for.

Thanks for all your support that last few days with the blog. You are all wonderful friends and I am so thankful.

BPositive and BOkay with Making Mistakes (but don't forget to learn from them!)

Love always,


  1. Beautiful picture and beautiful thoughts. I recently read a blog post on zen habits about the illusion of control. It is powerful, until one realizes it is an illusion.

  2. You attract into your life what you most concentrate on. It is no wonder that people who always think about negativity and lack get more of it. It is difficult at times when you are dealt a less than desirable situation. I always look for the lesson in it. What am I supposed to learn from this. Else, it is simply an unfortunate incident that plays to a victim mentality. Thank you for this blog. Keep creating and sharing. The world loves you for it.